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Private Sunset Sail

Quick Details

Calendar  Season: From 5/6 to 11/5/23

Private Charter Be our exclusive guests onboard ~ Up to 6 passengers per boat
VIP Private Charter Be our exclusive VIP guests! A description of the VIP benefits are shown below once a quantity of 1 is selected.

Book Your Private Sunset Sail Today!

Book your evening cruise and soak up the peace of watching the world change in the colors of the setting sun. Soak in the wonders of the ocean and sun in an endless expanse of horizon.

Check out the sun setting over the vast horizon of the water, there is nothing like it! Each sunset is unique, different and so so beautiful!


Most of the season 2 sailboats will be available with a capacity of 6 each. Parties more than 6 will need to make 2 bookings.

All ages are welcome!


Add A Unique Customized Massage! – Available at Specially Arranged Dates/Times; Treat yourself to a five star Customized Massage Experience! Let Eliza’s talents transform the way you feel! The combination of being on the water and this Massage Experience is Transformational! Each person can choose between 1 and 3 sessions per sail. Sessions are a maximum of 30 minutes each, up to 6 sessions per sail.

To add a massage to your Sailing Excursion contact Eliza from Spa Voyage, her contact information will be provided in your confirmation email.

Add A Professional Photographer To Capture Your Sailing Experience! – Available Tuesdays and Sundays on most 2 Hour & Sunset Sails. Also On Other Specially Arranged Dates/Times; Have your majestic moments enjoying the beautiful coast of Maine captured by ML, in stunning images that you can share with friends/family and treasure for a lifetime!

To add a professional Photographer contact ML from Mary Lee Taylor Photography,, her contact information will be provided in your confirmation email.