2019 Reviews


100 Reviews were received from guests that sailed with us during the 2019 season, we want to thank them for taking the time to complete these reviews! All of these reviews were 5 stars and came from AirBnB, Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. There are also reviews on Facebook and Instagram not included in this review count. Below are the following items:

  • Live feeds of the reviews from Instagram, Google, Facebook and Yelp 
  • Sampling of 12 of these reviews.
  • A pdf linked of all the reviews 

We cannot yet post live feeds of Airbnb reviews, however you can click here to access them directly.


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Please note that the Google Rating above is not correct, it should be 5.0 because there was one troll that Google would not remove, who we never had contact with and did not sail with us.

Sampling of 2019 Reviews


Cristina – Received September 15, 2019, AirBnB  

This experience was an amazing one! They were the sweetest humans with so much knowledge. They knew so much history of the islands, and they loved all the sailboat questions. I am definitely doing this again next time I go up!!


Jarrett – Reviewed on September 29, 2019, AirBnB 

This could simply not have been a more enjoyable experience. Abby and Bob were incredible people and made us feel so welcome to be aboard their sailboat. The vessel itself was impeccably maintained and extremely comfortable. The most important part to me was that Bob taught me about sailing. Not only did he explain about the area and how to sail, but allowed me to take the helm for the majority of the excursion. He allowed me to sail his vessel for a good portion of the evening as he taught me about sailing. It made for an experience that was simply unforgettable. I can’t thank him enough for it. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who not only wants a trip on a sailboat, but wants to learn about sailing as well.


March – Reviewed August 3, 2019, Google 

Absolutely fantastic evening!!! Highly recommend this group! The family LOVED the night and Abby and Bob!!!!


Morgan – Reviewed August 13, 2019, AirBnB 

This experience was more than we expected! The hosts were extremely welcoming and made us feel very comfortable. The experience itself was surreal. The views were unbelievable and the hosts were filled with amazing stories.


Tracy – Reviewed August 16, 2019, AirBnB 

This is a MAINE MUST-DO! Abby and Bob went above and beyond for our sailing trip around Saco Bay. They were both friendly and knowledgeable; they even taught us a thing or do about sailing and let us try! My girl friends and I really loved this experience and could not recommend anything more.


Louis – Reviewed July 13, 2019, AirBnB 

Our sunset sail was a wonderful experience. AbbyLynn and Bob were great hosts! I could not have asked for a better experience. Their knowledge and skill made us feel safe and secure. They shared their lives with us and gave us great insight to area and its history. Bob also taught me about sailing and let me pilot his boat for a good portion of the sail. I highly recommend this experience to all. You will be very happy with them and their excellent hosting.


Lucie – Reviewed June 22, 2019, AirBnB 

⛵️OH WAH⛵️! Probably our best experience in Maine. AbbyLynn and her husband are 2 amazing human beings, professional sailors and lovers of the nature. They are so kind and generous... they event let me navigate their beautiful sailing ship. We had an amazing sunset, and 2 hours of pleasure. I recommend it to everyone. We saw plenty of gorgeous islands. Thank you to both of you, our holidays were even better thanks to you ⛵️ BRAVO!


Marissa – Reviewed July 9, 2019, AirBnB 

We can’t thank Abby & Bob enough for such an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience! if you are in the area & wanna try something different that will literally take your breath away with stunning views & warm your soul with great company from the hosts THIS IS IT! This was my first time on a sailboat & it definitely won’t be last, especially not with Abby & Bob! Incredible experience, highlight of our trip!


Kevin – Reviewed July 9, 2019, AirBnB 

Four of us took a sailing excursion with AbbyLynn and Bob and the verdict was unanimous, it was a really incredible and fun experience. The sailing was wonderful, and AbbyLynn and Bob were incredibly gracious hosts. From the moment we met them on the dock to when we left their boat they made us feel welcome with their incredible hospitality. We even took turns driving the boat if we wanted. We are already talking about going back again next year.


Jonathan – Reviewed August 17, 2019, AirBnB 

We loved this sail out into Saco Bay. Bob and Abby were knowledgeable and generous hosts. They work with a lot of people on their boat, and it shows in their assurance and confidence in helping newbies make their way around the ship - and make the ship's way around the bay. They made sure we saw everything we wanted to, making several passes near a sunning ocean sunfish so we could get a good look, and coming in close to the many notable islands. Even though a large group cancelled the morning we went out, they treated us and the other couple like the day was all about us - and since there were two birthdays on board, that was especially special. We got a lot of information about the history of the bay and the community, and a hands-on experience with a 42' bluewater ship - a rare treat! It was one of the highlights of our trip to Maine.


Robinstarr14 - Reviewed August 18, 2019, TripAdvisor

Wonderful experience!  We thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing sail with Abby and Bob on their beautiful boat. We learned a lot about the surrounding islands and beautiful scenery, and we even took turns at the helm with Bob as our guide - a great teacher. They were so welcoming and hospitable, and we highly recommend the tour!

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