From May To November, 2020


Try a 2 Hour Lesson

Take A Half Day Lesson

Take A Half Day Lesson

 Come take one or more custom sailing lessons with us! No matter if you have never sailed before, you consider yourself a beginner or intermediate sailor or if you feel like a refresher is what is needed, we can help you! 

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 Departure Times: 9:00am, 11:30am,  

$425 per boat; $500 - 7/3-6 & 7/24-9/7, maximum of 6 people


Take A Half Day Lesson

Take A Half Day Lesson

Take A Half Day Lesson

 Start with a Half Day lesson.  Our goal is to take wherever you are and with a positive environment help build, your confidence, skills and knowledge.  Learning on this modern 42' ocean going sailboat will advance your skills and prepare you for the future! 

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 Departure Time 9:00am  

$800 per boat; $900 - 7/3-6 & 7/24-9/7, maximum of 6 people

More About Our Lessons


You can come by yourself or in groups up to six. Not everyone in your group needs to have an interest learning how to sail, there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy away from the coaching going on around the wheel. 


 If you decide to book one or more sailing lessons with us, we will provide you the opportunity to tell us during the booking process about your sailing experience (if you have any) and if you know what items you would like to work on. Some possible ideas to consider are: 

  • Learning to read the wind/sky
  • How to use effective teamwork
  • How to confidently set and adjust sails
  • Safety procedures
  • How to get on and off a dock/mooring
  • Navigation
  • Weather
  • What to do when conditions change and become more challenging
  • Maintenance
  • How to be practical with all the rules
  • How to find the right boat for you


  If it would be helpful for you to have some useful textbooks, we can offer some suggestions to purchase. 

We want to help build your confidence and increase your enjoyment so you can connect with nature and have a lot of fun! Our sail boats are quality built and about 40 feet in length. A very unique opportunity to have a lesson on this size and type of vessel. They are wicked fantastic to sail and you’ll have lots of fun at the helm!   


  You can select your lesson time directly from our available dates/times right here online.  We generally offer 2 hour and half day time blocks in the mornings. Try one and see if you would like more.  If you would like to take lessons on a different dates/times other than what we have shown, just call/text Abby at 207-415-5858, or email and we will do our best to accommodate your desires.  



  • Departure times vary due to the sunset time.
  • The times stated are valid from May 9 to August 2, 2020.  
  • See the "Book Now" links for actual departure times on the day you wish to book.
  • We take a maximum of 1 boat for lessons at a time. 
  • Boats leave from the Saco Pier, Camp Ellis, Maine.
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  • See FAQ if you have more questions or contact us!

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